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New System Engineering is a corporate professional organization providing high-end
solutions and services in the domains of construction engineering ..

About Us

New System Engineering (NSE) is a Trading and Contracting Company with a clear vision on quality and professionalism. Established in 2007, its members were in the field of quality works for years especially in Electrical, Plumbing and Firefighting jobs..The company’s core business focuses on supply, installation and after sales services for fire fighting,plumbing, sanitary, mechanical, electrical and HVAC.We have  highly trained technicians and engineersto implement our superior quality level to the satisfaction of our clients.We. at NSE, provide the complete Electro-Mechanical solution with a keen eye on all aspects for projects such as residenstial buildings and commercial complexes, Industrial installations and tower structures. Team work is our strength when it comes to handling our staff and workers in order to deliver required quality level on site. We are always willing to accommodate the client's wishes and are equipped to handle coordination and cooperation at the sites.
Our Quality Policy
 Committed to customer satisfaction
 Provide solutions in cutting edge technologies.
 Maintain world class standards.
 Follow ethical and clean business practices
To have great concern for the community and environment.
Our Vision
We envision becoming one of the top providers for MEP and HVAC installations in the state of Qatar. We aim at acheiving at all times 100% customer satisfaction in order to enlarge our portfolio even more than we have done in the past. We intend to work in an environment that will enable us to attract new clients while constantly keeping our presenct customers at a very high satisfaction level. This we will ccomplish with our present quality standards and further training of employees.At New System Engineering we recognize that people are our greatest asset. This plus we constantly utilize and improve so htat we can be known the borders of this country.
Our Mission
Our aim is to lead our works for each single project from the starting phase up to the hand-over and after sales service with the prerogative on quality , safety and high standard. We are working towards becoming one of the first stops when requirements include a part or all of our work scope. We will lead each client through the various needs that are connected to his project and are of concern to us, be it planning, material supply, installation, after sales service or repair of existing structures. 
Quality Program
Our Quality control procedures are consistently reveiwed and revised to ensure that current and new industry standards are always incorporated.
Health and Safety 
Protection of our employees, the public and the environment is our major concern. Our safety program is compliant with State and Federal regulations and when required projects specific safety programs are developed and enforced. 

Our Strength

Timelessness and Quality are our key words. Priority is laid on clearly analyzing your requirements to avoid further delays and inconveniences. We foresee our success in your delight; hence, we give major importance to the timely delivery of exceptional quality work as per specifications and requirements. We have skilled and dedicated workforce working with one goal, QUALITY, this all we count as our strength.



Reliable solutions

Installation of Electrical System for Commercial, Industrial and Residential complex, Installation and Maintenance of Panel Boards,  Installation  of all kinds of  generators.

Plumbing & Sanitary

Wide range of solutions

All types of Plumbing works, Drainage and Sanitary fixing, PVC pipe works,, Copper pipe, High pressure lines, Recycling Systems and Irrigation line works


Total suolution

All types of HVAC systems and its Electro-mechanical works, Chilled water pipe fabrication and installation, chiller and cooling tower.

Fire alarm & Fire Fighting

More fire security  

All types of fire alarm and fire fighing systems Portable Fire Extinguishers

Real Estate

Choose services

Choose from the options
Leasing or Rentals of
Villas, Flats, Appartments
Commercial spaces, Labour Camps.


All type of interiors

Beautifull interiors with
Glass, Gypsum, Flooring Marble and Granites or various types of tiles and painted finish in time..